Thursday, April 13, 2017

Science Activity Class 7- Growing Bread Mould

Students of class 7 learnt ho to grow bread mould by keeping moist piece of bread in a closed box for few days.It helped giving practical approach to the concept learnt in class.

Sports Class

Students of Class-7 Zenith attended sports class following the sport as per their choice.They participated in Lawn Tennis,Chess,Table Tennis,Skating,Basket ball and Yoga.

Foundation Day-11 April 2017

To celebrate the foundation day of school,student of class 7 Zenith prepared  a photostory showcasing success school has achieved since 35 years of its existence.

World Health Day-7 April 2017

World Health Day was celebrated on 7th April 2017.Students of Class 7-Zenith prepared and presented their views on "How Advertisement affect the way Society Eats?".Each pair of students presented a small act along with a powerpoint presentation.All were aware of the topic.A glimpse of the activity is as follows

Fold n Fly - Introduction

"Your Wings already exist.All you have to do is FLY."
Folding and flying a paper plane is a memory that we all cherish and relate to our childhood.To give same memories to our students ,the concept of "Fold n Fly" have been introduced.During the activity,students get aquaint with procedure to fold different types of planes along with the aerodynamics related to it.An introduction of the concept was done in class where students learnt types of forces acting on a plane.They learnt how to fold n fly a fighter jet.A glimpse of activity is as follows